The Shark Bay Prawn Fishery is located off the mid-west coast of Western Australia, around 900 kms north of Perth. It is the largest prawn fishery in WA and covers an area of approximately 13,000km2.

The fishing town of Carnarvon is the home of the Shark Bay fishing fleet. It is the major port for the unloading of our boats. Product is then transported overland by truck to Perth, and from Perth to destinations across Australia and around the world.

Dependent on the season, the population base for Shark Bay changes. The 2006 census recorded a population of just over 5,000 people in Carnarvon and just over 1500 people in Denham (the other major population centre). We are proud to support the local communities of Shark Bay.

The fishery is shallow, with an average depth of nine metres and maximum depth of twenty nine metres. Water depths increase in the north and west where the bay opens into the Indian Ocean -reaching a maximum of 40 metres in the Naturaliste and Geographe Channels.

The rainfall in the region is low (around 200mm), while the summer heat is high. The arid landscape of Shark Bay combined with the many peninsulas, islands and bays has created a great diversity of landscapes and exceptional, unique scenery.

This back drop gives the fishery a spectacular positioning as one of the most beautiful on earth.