Choosing Quality Prawns

Choosing prawns can be complicated - but it should be quite simple! Here are some handy hints to help your decision making:

1.Quality. It goes without saying that you want to choose a prawn that is in tip top condition. Make sure you choose a prawn that smells nice and fresh and has flesh which is clear and not misty.

2. Taste. Everyone wants a fantastic tasting prawn - that goes without saying! However, different types of prawn, have different tastes - which can be suitable for specific types of dish or the taste buds of different people. Consider what type of dish you are going to cook with and use the Shark Bay Prawn link to learn more about different flavours of different types of prawn.

3. Size. Prawns come in different size grades and are classified by weight (lbs) based on how many pieces of prawn you get. So a 20-25 count prawn, means you can expect 20 - 25 prawns per lb. Make sure you choose the prawn size you want based on the type of dish you are cooking. Big isnt always best - pastas, stir frys and curries will often benefit from smaller prawn sizes.

4.  Preparation State. Prawns come in lots of different formats from whole prawns straight from the ocean, to prepared prawns that have been peeled and deveined. When you buy your prawns, you will need to consider how you are going to cook them and whether you want to prepare them yourself. Remember, if you buy whole prawns and peel them yourself, you can save alot of money. See our preparation guide for more details.

5. Sustainability. Its important to buy seafood from sustainable fisheries that care for the environment that fish within. Check our of sustainable management page to see more about what we do in Shark Bay. Our fishery has been sustainably managed since its inception and can be enjoyed for generations to come.

6. Price. This is a big factor to consider - whether buying for the whole family, for a special dinner party, or just as a special treat. There are some fantastic Shark Bay prawns at very accessible price points and the more preparation you do yourself, the better value the prawns are. Dont forget, that when you buy potato chips in the supermarket, you are often paying over $20 / kilo - and there are plenty of Shark Bay Prawns available under this price point!

We're confident Shark Bay prawns will measure up to the mark when you consider all the factors above. Make sure you ask for them by name.